Altered State – October Update

We have been working hard over the past couple of months on the stability of the server as opposed to adding in more features like our last stage of development had been heavy in. We focused more on quality-of-life updates and circling back around to finish things we had temporarily thrown together in many areas […]

Altered State – Quick Update

We are still working with Altered State trying to get the closed test ready. Since August started our team has been busy with our day jobs working in Education. We are still making progress slowly but will have more details to share once the school year gets settled in. Thank you for your patience and […]

Altered State – August, XP and Dynamic Movement

So August 1st has come and gone. We have yet to select our first test players as we are still in a heavy “dark work” development process to get our prototype stable and secure for anything our testers could throw at it. If you would like to sign up for testing, please fill out our […]

Altered State – Testing, Chicken and Rat

So a few days ago we posted an ad on the OculusGo subreddit asking if there was any interest in people who owned OculusGo headsets to test out our game. We’ve had a lot of responses, way more than we thought we would get and that is exciting! So now we are turning our focus […]

Altered State – A change of pace and a focus of design

So this past week we have attempted to focus on furthering the design of the game, for the past month and a half we have been constantly pumping out content that we haven’t given our story development as much attention as we would like. We are going to double down our efforts to flesh out the […]

Altered State – The final stretch before marketing begins…

Some of our major bug fixes have come in the form of “Dark Work” where the work has made the game feel better but there is no graphical progress to screenshot and be able to show off. We have optimized our network flow further stabilizing the server but to also help with how responsive the […]

Altered State – Milestone, Mechanics and July

Combat Updates: We added archery mechanics to the context menu for NPCs. You can walk up to an NPC, select range and fire an arrow at the NPC, when the arrow hits the NPC it triggers a hit or miss action on the server. Eventually, we want to add a cooking skill for the fish. […]

Altered State – Melee, Network and Equipment

Continuing our work from last week we have extended the context menu to allow for easy attack and examine options for all NPCs. When you select attack it puts you into combat mode. While in this mode, you can swing the remote to do damage and eventually kill the NPC. If you move out of […]

Altered State – Crafting, Assembly and NPCs

This last week was a lot of fun. We finished Blacksmithing, Crafting, Assembly, Donation IAPs, Health, Energy, NPC Roaming, Aggro Chasing and Context Menus. We now have a total of 85 items in the game. There are 3 different types of wood, and 3 different types of metal. You can make 5 metal parts and […]

Altered State – Fish, Gather, and Smith!

Happy Saturday Everyone! This week we focused on migrating as much as we could from the client to the server and finishing our resource skills. We added a lot of our new models, a few sample houses just to get the layout of the starting area feeling good. We removed the sample trees and rocks […]