Altered State

Altered State
Oculus Go Exclusive

Alabama, USA

Altered State throws you into an open world fantasy adventure with a challenging experience-grinding skill system, massive player driven economy, PvM and risk-it-all PvP combat, plus plenty of quests to complete and items to find along the way. A whole universe awaits you, so grab your Go and take an adventure in Altered State!

Create your character and enter another world. Chop trees for wood to then craft together with items smithed from the ore mined out of rocks. Or buy all the material you need from the Silk Road. Use skills to increase their levels to gain access to better methods and items. Fish and gather food from the wilderness to cook for later healing you in battle. Complete daily slayer quests or follow the quest guide to earn money and item rewards. Join your friends in dungeon raids, PvP combat or an item drop party in the town square.

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RydeTec is an independent software company based out of Alabama, USA. Working together since 2007, our team has 11 years of software design experience. Our products are primarily private 3rd party publications, Altered State is our first commercially available product.

We are proud to announce the development of our first commercial game. Altered State is the first virtual reality MMORPG made exclusively for the Oculus Go. We have been hard at work the past few weeks getting gameplay demos together and have had a lot of fun with it. We plan to keep our DevBlog regularly updated with the progress of the game until it comes to market.

The game will feature a full free-to-play set of quests, skills, and items with additional areas, quests, skills, and items available for a monthly membership to help fund development and better servers. We will never run ads in the game or take money from investors for the game. This game will become what the players make of it, we want our only development incentive to be making great content for the game that has enjoyable player experiences.

– Ryan and Jacob, the developers

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