Altered State – October Update

We have been working hard over the past couple of months on the stability of the server as opposed to adding in more features like our last stage of development had been heavy in. We focused more on quality-of-life updates and circling back around to finish things we had temporarily thrown together in many areas to get our minimum viable product.

We are also working on a wiki with game information like XP rates, controls, and world areas.

On the server side, we set a limit of 125 to the radius that characters can receive updates from each other which we have been testing with an AI character and will soon start testing with real players. This, along with us caching partial data from game servers to the master server has dramatically increased our latency. We added version checking between the server and the client so that anyone with an outdated client cannot log in and play on the server.

We finally finished data persistence, character data is now saved when the master server shuts down and reboots. Which is good because we are properly leveling up skills now when they reach enough XP and notifying the player.

On the client side, we worked a lot on the title screen including a new backdrop instead of blackness and a disclaimer screen that details what to expect from the beta. We improved the UX for different states, (i.e. Master server can’t be connected, or no game servers were found)

A few aesthetic improvements to UI lighting, ranged attack animations, and timers related to casting of the fishing rod has improved the feel of the game as well.

We have been running a lot of internal playtests with the goal of getting ready for our first real player testing which will be soon. Please come back to hear about all of the improvements we make until then.

If you would like to sign up for player testing please apply here:

  1. There hasn’t been a devblog post or Tweet in almost half a year.
    Is everything still proceeding on course? Thank you. 😀👍🏻

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