Altered State – Testing, Chicken and Rat

So a few days ago we posted an ad on the OculusGo subreddit asking if there was any interest in people who owned OculusGo headsets to test out our game. We’ve had a lot of responses, way more than we thought we would get and that is exciting!

So now we are turning our focus to get the game ready for people to start testing our barebones prototype. As we mentioned last weekend we are still focusing on game design and building out content but we really need these test users to play through our prototype and judge the game on mechanics alone first. If the mechanics are not fun, the game will not be fun regardless of the content we add on top of it. We wanted to have our first test user by August 1st and that is still the goal.

If you would like to sign up for testing, please fill out our form here:

In other news, we have finally added in our Chicken and Rat models for our PvM mechanics. We have attached a few screenshots. We still have no animations for these characters but all things in due time. Enjoy!

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