Altered State – The final stretch before marketing begins…

Some of our major bug fixes have come in the form of “Dark Work” where the work has made the game feel better but there is no graphical progress to screenshot and be able to show off.

We have optimized our network flow further stabilizing the server but to also help with how responsive the game feels. An issue where only certain items could be picked up once dropped now works for every item correctly. There were also some floating objects we corrected and some controls were accessible when they didn’t need to be.

Post processing was something we toyed with to see what combination of effects would both add to the aesthetic of the game but also not draw too much processing power. We have not found our perfect balance yet due to the Oculus Go being very limited on GPU memory. Shadows, however, look much higher quality which is something we were very much looking forward to.

We have also implemented a makeshift loading screen once in the world to keep from exposing the player to the visual mess of loading every asset from the server individually.

This next week, while still knocking out bugs and polishing features, we will be expanding our game design for what the future of Altered State will see. Next Saturday’s blog post will hopefully go very in-depth with our story for the game as well as future items, skills, and areas we hope to implement. Our deadline for design is July 19th. Content for the store demo will need to be completed by July 22nd.

The week after will focus on our marketing campaign detailing out our strategy for getting players to pay for our membership. July 27th is when we want to be done polishing and have the final draft completed for extreme testing before the August 1st store demo deadline.

The store demo released, will be a very closed alpha test available through the Oculus store. We will send invitations to 10 selected users who have signed up for testing through our form here: 

If all goes according to plan (hint: it won’t) then we plan to invite 25 more users every week.

The testing phases will start with the store demo, which will be graduated to alpha, closed beta, open beta, and then gold. Signing up on this form will keep you signed up for all future releases.

Please come back next week to read all about what is to come in the world of Altered State.

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