Altered State – Milestone, Mechanics and July

Combat Updates:
We added archery mechanics to the context menu for NPCs. You can walk up to an NPC, select range and fire an arrow at the NPC, when the arrow hits the NPC it triggers a hit or miss action on the server. Eventually, we want to add a cooking skill for the fish. For now, if your health is below max and you select a fish in your inventory it will consume the fish and heal you. Otherwise, it will drop it.

We have implemented a quests screen and can track quest’s progress on the server. We have started on a basic tutorial quest and will try out some different quest mechanics in the process. We expect the store demo to have a few more quests on top of the tutorial.

We’ve fixed the skills screen and are now tracking skills on the server and have the foundation ready to implement them fully. We are going to come back to that after some bug fixing with the skill mechanics in general.

We have reimplemented the store and moved logic partially to the server. The only thing left to implement is the use of currency when buying and selling.

With us wrapping up the majority of mechanics we are moving our attention to bug fixing and polishing, gearing up for our upcoming scheduled playtests. July 5th is our deadline for internal testing with friends and family, so a lot of the major bugs need to be fixed by then, this window will stretch until at least July 10th. We want to have a version for multiplayer testing available by July 17th. We will run a beta tester sign up form as we get closer to that time.

July 22nd until August 1st we will start with basic marketing pulling in more beta testers and getting ready for the public demo release on August 1st. More information will be released at a later date.

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