Altered State – Melee, Network and Equipment

Continuing our work from last week we have extended the context menu to allow for easy attack and examine options for all NPCs. When you select attack it puts you into combat mode. While in this mode, you can swing the remote to do damage and eventually kill the NPC. If you move out of range of the NPC it will return to its patrol state. When killed the NPC respawns 30 seconds later.

In order to progress any further with combat we need to have equipment fully working, so we have implemented the interface and have assigned equipment ids to items. If you click on an item in your inventory and there is an available equipment slot for that item it will equip it, otherwise, it will drop it. When in combat the amount of damage you do scales based on the tier of item equipped. NPCs will attack back, and the shield defensive stat will determine the frequency of landed hits.

We have also started work on the skills screen, in order to display the skills once again to the player. We have yet to implement any kind of experience tracking on the server end, so that will need to be done first. Once completed, skill level can be taken into account for combat as well as the other skills.

Finally, we improved our network code by removing all client threads, instead, we are now running everything on one thread. This has dramatically improved server stability and should return a solid performance with our target 2000 players per game server.

We are coming up on our last week of June, this will be our crunch time to put as many new features and mechanics as we possibly can into the game before July 1st. The month of July will be mainly focused on content building, polishing and getting ready for our Marketing campaigns which start in August. The fun is just beginning!

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