Altered State – Crafting, Assembly and NPCs

This last week was a lot of fun. We finished Blacksmithing, Crafting, Assembly, Donation IAPs, Health, Energy, NPC Roaming, Aggro Chasing and Context Menus.

We now have a total of 85 items in the game. There are 3 different types of wood, and 3 different types of metal. You can make 5 metal parts and 4 wooden parts for each of the different tiers of material. Then each of the wooden parts can be assembled with each metal part to give you 1 of 5 items with 9 different variations.

3 tiers * 5 parts = 15 different metal parts
3 tiers * 4 parts = 12 different wooden parts
5 items * 9 variations = 45 different assembled items

15 metal + 12 wood + 45 assembled + 3 fish + 3 ore + 3 logs + 4 coins = 85 total items

This is an exciting milestone for us, we can now turn our attention to PvM Combat.

We implemented some test IAPs for donations to help fund development of the game. Once the game goes Alpha, we will remove all donation IAPs and replace them with membership pre-orders. Altered State will have entire free to play areas, quests, and items at release with some non-essential content accessible through a monthly membership. During testing phases, all content will be free to play but when the game goes beta we plan to limit some of the content to members only. This monthly membership will help fund development, future content, and servers.

Starting with PvM combat, we need to give our player some attributes. Health will be a skill that gains experience everytime damage is taken. We have a health bar display alongside a run energy bar which depletes when sprinting. As far as NPCs go, we have a Chicken and a Rat implemented. We don’t have models for them yet but NPC behavior currently allows them to patrol an area. If a player gets close enough and initiates combat, the NPC will aggro the player and chase them until they are beyond range.

We just implemented a context menu for actions, this should make things easier to learn what things do in the game but also give us more options for player actions.

We plan to focus this week on getting as much actual combat implemented as possible. Melee, Archery, and Magic will be a lot of fun and we hope you’ll check back next week to see all the progress.

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