Altered State – Fish, Gather, and Smith!

Happy Saturday Everyone! This week we focused on migrating as much as we could from the client to the server and finishing our resource skills.

We added a lot of our new models, a few sample houses just to get the layout of the starting area feeling good. We removed the sample trees and rocks we were using. We modified the terrain heavily and got rid of the test blue terrain texture. We added a pond and some hills and a ring of mountains to keep players in the starting area for now.

We fixed the player bank where the player can transfer items between the bank and inventory again.

As far as skills are concerned, we implemented fishing, gathering, and blacksmithing.

For fishing, you can walk up to a pond and fly fish the rod until you catch 1 of 3 fish: Salmon, Tuna, and Bass

For gathering, you can now pick up items which have been dropped to the ground, but if you pick up an item which was spawned by the server, you gain a little bit of gathering XP.

For blacksmithing, you can take the ore you mine, and smith it into metal parts for tools.

Next, we will work on crafting, where you will take the logs you cut and turn them into wooden parts for tools. You can then combine the items made from blacksmithing and crafting to create items like Swords, Shields, Arrows, Axes, and Pickaxes.

We plan to add a lot more items and tools as we go along. The game is starting to feel really diverse and fun now. We can’t wait to finish all of the resource skills and move on to PvM combat. So check back next week to hopefully see some basic AI implementation and combat mechanics in action.

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