Altered State – Network, Logs and Ore!

We spent the week starting the conversion from prototype to store demo and a huge chunk of time went into upgrading our network backend. Last week everything was running mostly from the client and this week we have a master server for logging in and keeping data integrity of characters and accounts, game servers that list themselves on the master server, a server list in the client title screen, and player ability to log out of game servers on the fly to return to the master server for quick hopping.

We have also taken the time to load in a lot of our new models for woodcutting and mining. Which now has 3 different tree types to cut: aspen, cedar, maple. They yield their respective logs when rewarded from cutting the tree which is all handled by the game server now.

Aspen Log

Cedar Log

Maple Log

After cutting these logs from the tree, you can drop them from your inventory to the world for other players to see and pick up. These items have a decay rate currently set to 60 ticks of the game server, which is about 30 seconds. This will increase as we improve our network backend to handle more item instances simultaneously.

Loading text once logged in

Another issue we worked with was getting runtime debugging information from the Oculus Go. We have now created our own logging system to get more data from the client when things go wrong, so we should be able to adjust our client code more efficiently now.

Server selection screen

Character selection screen


New maple trees look awesome!       Cedar and Aspen treesPlayer inventory with current itemsDropping Iron OreWoodcutting axe notificationNotification for woodcutting rewardAspen logs dropped on the ground.When dropping a stack it drops one item at a time.Pile of 10 dropped coinsIron ore drop model














We have added a few more models to the game including Coins (Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum), Rocks (Copper, Iron, Nickel) and Ore (Copper, Iron, Nickel).

We have a lot more models finished that are ready to go into the game which we will be adding soon. We have to finish concepts for our Fishing and Gathering skill before Monday and implement as many of our resource skills as possible next week. So we have a Fishing Pole with Bobber, as well as a Fish model and a few server-spawned items for gathering (Twigs and Berries). But in total, we have 13 new models which we will be implementing next week. Our 3d artist has been pumping models out quickly so we will probably have many more than that by the next dev blog so be sure to check back Saturday!

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